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The cable tv series Planet Earth is a very interesting program which showed people a great deal about the planet they live on. Here's some additional information on the series and what it presented.

The series Planet Earth is produced by The Discovery Channel. It has been more than five years in the making and provides its viewers with incredibly high quality programming and incredible filmmaking.

This series has presented viewers with never before scenes of animal behavior captured in high definition film and video techniques. The series is narrated by noted actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver.

The series has been produced in 11 parts which includes the following segments:

Pole to Pole. The first episode which looked at spots all over the globe from tall mountains to underground caves. It provided a good introduction into what was to follow.

Mountains. A journey to majestic mountains and the creatures which live on them.

Deep Ocean. Explore the depths of the ocean and its unique creatures. Also showed many kinds of marine life and how they interact and survive.

Deserts. This episode explores the many creatures found in this rather inhospitable environment. It shows how different creatures have evolved and developed unique abilities in order to survive and thrive here.

Ice World. A unique look at the many creatures who have developed the ability to survive in the extreme cold environments in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is amazing to see the variety of life which exists under the thick ice.

Shallow Seas. These areas support the richest amount and type of sea life. This episode presents animals like humpback whales, dolphins, tunas, and all kinds of other fish, shellfish, etc. It also presents spectacular footage of coral reefs.

Great Plains. View the vastness of wildlife on the grasslands of Mongolia to Eastern Africa. It presents many kinds of creatures such as gazelles, giraffes, and even lions.

Jungles. There are gorgeous overhead shots of lush tropical jungles. The producers also present high definition shots of the wildlife present within the jungles. You'll see first hand the colors, variety and beauty contained here.

Freshwater. Watch otters and crocodiles as they live in this natural environment

Forests. You'll see many interesting animals including monkeys, leopards, and tigers. As extensive as the forests are, they are still largely unexplored.

Caves. Dark and mysterious, the creatures who dwell here have developed unique abilities. This episode explores them in stunning detail.

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The Planet Earth Series – Learn About Your World

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This article was published on 2010/10/29